Learning Life Skills

Seza Isizer Life Skills GraphicLearning life skills can help you to make positive decisions, take care of yourself and get to where you want to be. We recognize that the youth does not live in a vacuum. There are a number of social pressures that young people are forced to confront at one point or another. Peer pressure, lack of self-confidence, poverty, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse are challenges that many individuals face as they are growing up and entering the realm of adulthood. All of these challenges impact the youth in their daily lives and are likely to impact the choices that they make with regard to their careers. We aim to assist young people by imparting knowledge and ensuring that we share skills that will make it possible for them to overcome these challenges.

What are life skills?

Life skills are skills that every individual needs to possess. They are the skills that will make it easier for you to navigate through your life as unscathed as possible. They include, decision-making skills, people skills, self reliance, the ability to create and track your goals, as well as the ability to find yourself and stay true to yourself.

Seza Isizwe aims to assist in teaching the youth of South Africa the importance of these skills. The key to unlocking them is to trust in yourself and your own abilities. Having confidence in yourself is more important than anything else when it comes to learning new life skills.

“Everyday of your life is a another lesson. If you learn the lesson well and apply it; whether positive or negative, you determine what happens in your tomorrow.”
― David Kofi Awusi