The Art of Student Mentoring

Seza Isizwe Mentoring GraphicThe art of student mentoring is something that cannot be taught overnight. A true mentor is someone who has ‘been there and done that’ and who is willing to help you to walk a similar path, providing you with the support and the knowledge that you need in order to attain success and fulfilment.

In South Africa, one of the main problems with our education system is the fact that the support for learners is very limited. Without sufficient support, the learner can begin to feel incapable and uninspired. If, however, the learner has access to a sturdy support network that will be able to provide him or her with encouragement, advice and understanding, he or she is much more likely to reach his or her goals. Seza Isizwe aims to provide learners with this kind of support, and we do so through our student mentoring program.

What is a mentor?

Through their experience, mentors light the way for the new generation. It is always encouraging to realize that someone else has embarked on the same journey as you. If you are walking a path on your own, it is very easy to feel afraid and unconfident. With a mentor, however, you are sure to feel more at ease with regard to the situation. The mentor will be able to provide guidance to the mentee and will assist the mentee in his or her own journey. We also pair mentees with the appropriate mentor, depending on the industry and expertise required by the mentee. This means that no matter what you might be going through in terms of furthering your education or career, you will have access to someone who will be able to help you through all of the trials and tribulations that you may face along the way.