About Us


Seza Isizwe (Pty) Limited (Registration No: 2013/162369/07) (“Seza Isizwe”), is a black woman owned company specializing in mentoring and skills development programmes for learners, graduates and junior professionals. Seza Isizwe has a dual meaning “quench the thirst of the nation” and “the nation has arrived”.

We realized that any period of transition, whether it is from high school into university / college or from university / college into the workplace, can be daunting and if one is not adequately informed of the challenges, disillusion, demotivation and failure can quickly take over. This is particularly prevalent in students from disadvantaged communities, where there is no proper career guidance in schools and no role models in communities.


Our main aim is to provide the skills &  programmes necessary to equip the youth to tackle the next stage of their career i.e. transitioning from high school to university / college & from university / college into the workplace. We believe that with the appropriate development programmes like mentoring self-development, we can assist the youth to better manage the transition period.

What it means to be a mentor

The Seza Isizwe team understands what it means to be a mentor. Our main goal is not only to inspire and to guide young minds, but also to equip the youth with the skills and the knowledge that they need in order to succeed in whatever career path they choose.

About the Founder

About the Founder - Belinda MapongwanaBelinda Mapongwana is the Founder and CEO of Seza Isizwe. She is also the Founding Partner of Mapongwana Attorneys, a boutique law firm based in Sandton, Johannesburg. Belinda was born and grew up in Guguletu and in Khayelitsha in Cape Town. She matriculated from Alexander Sinton Secondary School and studied at UCT. She graduated with a Bachelor or Social Science and LLB from UCT. Thereafter she won a scholarship to study a Masters in International Business Law from the Vrije University in Amsterdam, where she graduated with Honorable Mention. Belinda completed an internship at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva. She is an admitted Attorney who practiced in magic circle law firms in Johannesburg and New York.

She worked in various global Investment Banks in Johannesburg, New York and in London as a Legal Advisor and Compliance Officer. She formed Seza Isizwe as a response to a calling to assist in alleviating the education crisis in South Africa.